A Total Loss 

I’m sad to say that I’ve lost all 5 of my hives this year.  This is just devastating to me.  As I talked with the local beekeepers here in West Virginia, it seems to be the same scene playing over and over again in the local apiaries.

Looking for answers inside one of my hives,  I came across this.  Yellow Jackets!  They were in every hive, and as you can see, they were inside the combs eating the honey.  The thing is, I’m not sure the Yellow Jackets caused the fall of the hive, or if they were just opportunistic.  As you can see, they too died, and not all of the honey in the hives were consumed.

The combs look terrible, and seem to confirm a robbing even happened, but again not sure if it was before or after my bees lost their hive.   Here are a few additional photos.

IMG_2931                     IMG_2933

There was plenty of capped honey still left in all hives, which just added to the mystery.


Overall, I expected to see more dead bees inside the hives, but that just wasn’t the case.  Where did they go?  Through my local beekeeper’s club, I was able to speak to the State Apiarist, and there just doesn’t seem to be many answers to what happened this year, just a confirmation that this little apiary wasn’t the only one with big losses in the state.

We’ll try again next Spring.

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